Saul Venit Photography



Anniversary Trip

December / January 2005-06


Don and I returned to Sri Lanka for the Anniversary of the Tsunami.  It meant that after the build up to Christmas we missed it completely as we spent it in the air.     

On the morning of December 26th at 9.40 a.m. (the exact time that the Tsunami had hit Sri Lanka the year before)  we joined the staff and guests of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, lit oil lamps and observed  3 minutes silence.  It was very emotional for all of us.  We took no photographs.

The evening of December 26th was so uplifting.   Don and I joined the villagers of Ratmalana and we opened the playground and library at the village school.  The children were so overwhelmed with their new playground that it brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  It certainly reminded us how such simple pleasures can delight children.   Don and I cannot express our happiness on seeing the care and attention that had been given to the building of the playground and to the beautiful mural that had been painted.  After the opening of the playground and the library we were guests of honour at a Memorial Mass which was very moving.




We were able to sponsor an additional 6 children at the orphanage and had been given  a generous contribution to take them out for the day.  The girls had the most fantastic day at a park about 20 miles outside Colombo.  They sang all the way to the park on the bus and really let themselves go when we got there.  They  enjoyed the playground so much that one of our next goals is to buy a playground for the orphanage.





We achieved so much during the rest of our trip.  It was so rewarding.

We have arranged for the bakery to continue to supply breakfasts for the children every morning at the village school.  They will also continue to get milk in the mornings.

We bought shoes for every child in the school.  It was a wonderful morning. The local shoe shop brought a van-load of assorted shoe sizes and the school became a shoe shop.  There was such excitement as all the girls were fitted with white shoes and all the boys with black shoes.   The parents in the village were so thrilled that they came to watch.


We went to see the clinic in operation and agreed to continue to pay the salary of the nurse for the next 6 months.  At the same time we met some of the children we had been helping individually and had our photographs taken with them.



We had brought lots of things from home for the fishermen.  We had bait and waterproofs and lots of clothes from England.  We spent a lot of time with them and their families.  Colin, the fisherman who saved my life, is the sole reason that everything that we are achieving is taking place.  We showed him our website.  He was totally overwhelmed and I think a little confused.




As on previous occasions, it was hard to say goodbye and we are hoping to get back as soon as possible.