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March 05 Trip


We returned to Sri Lanka for the first time after the Tsunami at the end of March.

This is a brief update on what we were able to achieve, from our "office" based on the beach:


We were able to meet up with the fisherman, Colin, as well as Sareth, who has organised so much for us on the ground in the village.


Colin, our rescuer

First day back:
with Sareth, Udayah, and Colin

Colin standing on the remains of his house


We have ordered the fishing boat and it will be delivered by the end of April: 

choosing the boat

Unfortunately, Monsoon will make fishing difficult until late September.  We bought the engine and the nets and the fishermen are working hard on the nets to ensure they are ready for the time the boat is delivered.  They are already able to test out the engine on one of the village boats. Don went with them and said it was "very fast"

Buying nets

The nets

The fund has financed a drink of milk and some rice for the school children at Ratmalana everyday until the end of July. 

 We have left the money to buy and set up a computer for the school-children in Ratmalana and we have bought their text books and a foot-ball.

Don and the schoolchildren

Schoolteachers reading letters from
children at North Hinksey School, Oxford.


learning how to work the TV we
have bought for the school


We have also paid for the furniture and equipment for a free medical care centre for the people of Ratmalana and Wedikanda, and hired the services of a nurse one day per week.

We have donated money to an orphanage in Colombo which has a recent intake of 65 traumatised Tsunami orphaned Muslim girls from the North-East of Sri Lanka.

Tsunami Orphans

In the orphanage

We gave the money to 4 breadwinners to start small businesses - we bought a bicycle, a knife and set of scales for one man who wants to sell the fish from "your/our" boat.  A vegetable cart for another guy.  The third is a skilled watch-repairer and lost all of his equipment and the fourth a net-repairer.  At least 70 people are dependents of these four men.

Negotiation of venture capital


4 New Entrepreneurs


We still have some money left in the fund, which we hope to allocate during the summer depending on what has been achieved when we get there. Thank you all so much for your contributions - we could not have done it without you.